September 28, 2005

Zionism – A Major Obstacle - by Moshe Machover

Many thanks to Moshe Machover for permitting me to post his latest article on zionism to my Jews against Zionism blog. Here's how it opens:
In this article I would like to explain why Zionism, as a political ideology, is a major obstacle to resolution of the Palestinian–Israeli conflict.

Let me stress that I am concerned here with Zionist ideology rather than with the practice of the Zionist project. That the latter is an absolute obstacle to resolution of the conflict is self-evident: it is a colonizatory project, an implantation of settlers, which has – necessarily – been implemented at the expense of the mass of indigenous people and by denial of their national rights. Indeed, the Zionist project is the root cause of the conflict.

Zionist ideology is clearly unacceptable from the perspective of the Palestinian Arab people. But here I propose to consider the case against Zionism from a somewhat less obvious perspective – that of the settler nation.
Moshe argues that there is a Hebrew nation in Palestine that zionism itself does not recognise "like a father denying the existence of his unwanted child." Now read on....

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