November 11, 2005

Giving the lad a chance

I was probably a bit harsh on Amir Peretz simply because he made a few nice noises about Rabin. Here are a couple of comments I received that deserve a bit more prominence than they get tucked away in haloscan.

Dave G (rendered daveg on Haloscan)
His focus on the "peace thing" this is very interesting, and refreshing.
And Hulkagaard quoting the Jerusalem Post:
But Peretz's image was not only due to his background. Over the years, he had become a divisive figure. His outspoken views were a factor, not only on matters such as minimum wages and privatization, but also on security issues. He positioned himself at the most radical edge of Labor, supporting a Palestinian state 20 years ago, when it was still a dirty word.

20 years ago -- not bad.
And I suppose his proposed "disengagement" from Sharon's government is still more cause for a little optimism.

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