December 19, 2005

Israel's other face?

Israel Shamir's other face that is. Here's an article on Indymedia UK on the various identities of Israel Shamir. The main focus of the article is on the Swedish fascist activist, Jöran Jermas.
For twenty years the Jewish Israeli journalist Israel Shamir has been living a double life as a Swede called Jöran Jermas. Official files show Shamir’s own picture and Siberian place and date of birth (11 June 1947) on the Swedish man’s passport. It’s not another of Israel (Adam) Shamir’s many pen names; it’s a completely different identity. None of this appears in the résumée promoted on his website as The Shamir Legend: so where does legend end and mythology begin?
The article itself is by Manfred Ropschitz who is a journalist and broadcaster based in the UK. He's an anti-Zionist Jew, the son of a Polish Holocaust survivor and an active supporter of Palestinian rights since the late 1970’s.

He ends the article by posing the most apposite question:
One puzzle has been solved, but questions remain: "Who is "Israel Shamir"? Is he "Jöran Jermas"? Or are they both fictional? What about his other aliases, "Vassili Krasevsky" and "Robert David" (inter alia?)? More important still, whoever he is, what's his game?"
Actually there is another question - do his many acolytes and defenders know of his double life?

Hat-tip Charlie Pottins.

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