December 09, 2005

JC letter on Chief Rabbi's Christian Aid mission

Here's a letter published in today's Jewish Chronicle about Christian Aid's decision to allow a leading zionist, the Chief Rabbi, to vet their campaign literature. It appears under the heading Christian Aid: co-operation and criticism together with two others that I've posted here.
I was surprised to read that the Chief Rabbi has asked Christian Aid if he may vet potentially controversial statements on the Middle East.

I know little about Christian Aid, but it will certainly have a legitimate concern for what happens in Bethlehem. A recent Early Day Motion in the Commons referred to "the devastating impact" the combined eff-ect of the separation barrier and roadblocks was having on the city.

Bethlehem’s economy has been all but ruined, families divided and land seized. Is Christian Aid to know about such things and remain silent?

Admirable as it is that Christian Aid is anxious not to offend the Jewish community none of us can ever tolerate gratuitous offence, it is not clear from what the Chief Rabbi would consider offensive in this context. A criticism of Israeli injustice might be accurate and honest. Our shame would be if we were to think the criticism more offensive than the behaviour that provoked it.

Brian Robinson
Here's the issue that prompted the above response.

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