December 22, 2005

Palestinian elections threaten Israel's democracy

Israel is threatening to hinder Palestinian elections if Hamas is allowed to participate. According to Donald MacIntyre in today's Independent:
Israel has significantly escalated its campaign against Hamas's participation in next month's Palestinian legislative elections by threatening to prevent voters going to the polls in East Jerusalem.
Senior Israeli officials were at pains last night to stress that no final decision had been taken on balloting in East Jerusalem, while acknowledging a strong possibility that the threat would be implemented.
The strong showing of Hamas in elections, and even in opinion polls has had zionists mostly in America justifying the killing of Palestinian civilians but this appears to be yet another example of the Israeli government putting the so-called Palestinian Authority in an impossible situation where they have to move against Hamas in order to prove themselves to Israel and yet if they do move against Hamas the PA will be weakened in the eyes of many Palestinians and Hamas will be strengthened.

But Israel is allowed to say who can and who cannot run in elections because it's the "only democracy in the Middle East."

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