December 16, 2005

Rant against Rance

Having said in the post below this one that the Guardian hadn't really censored Roland Rance's letter to cut it down to about 10% of the original content. It now looks like the Guardian deliberately set up Roland's letter as a scarecrow for some zionist to come along and knock down. See this:
It is grotesque to imply, as Roland Rance does (Letters, December 15), that there is a moral equivalence between the Holocaust and the Naqba - as if extermination camps were to be found dotted around Israel. Tens of millions of refugees were created during the postwar period, only the Palestinian problem remains to be resolved. Israel of course bears considerable moral responsibility but a settlement is surely only possible after peace has been established.
Sidney Jacobs
Now as a commentor to my previous post said Sidney Jacobs's " claim .... is only possible to make because of the truncated version of his letter the Guardian published."

Compare this to the treatment of Noam Chomsky and these little "mistakes" are starting to look deliberate. Someone suggested somewhere that Jonathan Freedland would be appalled by all this but having read his own misrepresentation of Finkelstein, I'm not so sure.

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