January 08, 2006

Abbas to replace Sharon?

I don't know how I missed this when it first appeared:
After considering the results of the recent Fatah primaries, Mahmoud Abbas has decided to join the Kadima party. A top aid to Abbas confirmed that Abbas would announce his decision later this week.

Abbas is reported to have said "They took my party from me. Barghouti and the other outsiders took over. It is not my home any more. "

Only last week, Abbas circulated a letter to Fatah faithful asking them to remain with the party, "The Fatah is my home. One doesn't leave home," wrote Abbas.

Now however, he says that the Barghoutis have taken over the party. "Sharon is the best hope for peace. If Sharon is elected I will sleep soundly," said Abbas. "Sharon is building the wall, which is the best way for reconciliation between peoples," said Abbas. "I had my doubts, even after Hosni Mubarak endorsed Sharon, but after I read that Gershon Baskin, a veteran dialog leader, supports Sharon, I was convinced."
This spoof (at least I think it's a spoof) first appeared on MidEastWeb on 13/12/2005. The site is quite a useful resource with pages on the Geneva Accords, some definitional focus on zionism and news updates.

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