January 01, 2006

Anti-semitic "tsunami" indeed!

According to the BBC, the UK Chief Rabbi, Jonothan Sacks, has chosen a wonderful turn of phrase to pretend that anti-semitism is everywhere these days.
"This is all a kind of tsunami of anti-Semitism which is taking place a long way from this country but (of) which Europe seems unaware," he said.
To use the word "tsunami" so close to the first anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami goes to show just how self-indulgent some zionists have become in their misuse of anti-semitism to cover for the crimes of Israel.

The zionists are in a bit of a quandary here. They want to make out that criticism of Israel is based on anti-semitism but at the same time they want to say the criticism of Israel can lead to anti-semitism. I suppose they're trying to muddy the waters with a "chicken and egg" situation" but the Chief Rabbi is on record admitting that the situation in the Middle East is at least partly responsible for any rise in anti-semitism.
However, in a letter from the Joint Council of Christian and Jews signed by Sir Jonathan, he acknowledges the role the Middle East conflict plays in boosting anti-Semitism.

The statement from January 2004 read: "Achieving peace, justice and reconciliation in the Holy Land would help to make it harder for anti-Semitism to flourish."
So what's the Chief Rabbi doing to achieve "peace, justice and reconciliation in the Holy Land"?

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