January 28, 2006

Be moderate!

That's the title of a song by James Connolly. But it's also my new policy for would-be commentors. I've been getting a lot of hassle lately from zionists. I usually allow the usual lies we get from zionists from time to time (make that all the time) but some of the stuff lately has been about nothing at all. I think it's a ploy to put people off the idea of genuine debate so what happens now is you leave a comment and I check my "pending moderation" facility and if I think the comment is conducive to people's understanding then I will allow it. If it's stupid I won't. If you want to give vent to a load of disingenuous zionist tosh you might like to try the Engage on line site. Or if you want to cross the line into pro-zionist and pro-war hysteria then try Harry's Place or Little Green Footballs. I would recommend Nick Cohen on that latter score but he has now stopped comments on his blog. Did I mention that already? If you want to be just plain silly then there is a blog specially set up to denounce me but the guy ran out of things to denounce apparently so he does slag some other people too. He calls his blog "Banned by Elf" and he seems to adopt multiple IDs to maintain some kind of "dialogue" with himself.

Anyway the moderating lark's only an experiment for now as it might be too time consuming checking the posts. I'll let you know if I revert to unmoderated comments.

I got the idea for this from the Engage site when I tried to ask them to substantiate an allegation about George Galloway going on record with anti-semitic statements. If someone is asking me to substantiate something I have asserted I will usually respond with links...if I can.

Thank you

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