January 17, 2006

Colin Powell addresses the "Jewish community"

Colin Powell addressed the ethnic cleansers of the Jewish National Fund last night. Here's how the "anti-Israel" BBC covered it. Read it and wonder what a pro-Israel BBC might do.
About 150 protesters gathered outside a Glasgow hotel as former US Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a speech at an event for the city's Jewish community.
Mr Powell addressed the fund-raising event organised by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) at the Hilton Hotel.
There is just a hint that the JNF might be a tad controversial:
The Scottish Friends of Palestine said it was "extremely disappointed" at his decision to address the dinner.

Touched down

The organisation said it was staging a protest to highlight its claims that the Jewish National Fund is detrimental to the Palestinian people both within Israel and worldwide.
But nothing about what it does.

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