January 13, 2006

Here lies Sharon

Here's Jewish Voice for Peace with a "new special section on Ariel Sharon."
While Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lies in a coma in a hospital in Jerusalem, commentators around the world have already begun to write his political epitaph. Interestingly, these accounts of his life and his role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are deeply contradictory - he is being called everything from a "man of peace" to the bulldozer to the "Butcher of Beirut".

That's why JVP's director of Policy Mitchell Plitnick has written this in-depth primer about Ariel Sharon, his background, his legacy, and the profound impact he has had on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Upon reading Plitnick's carefully researched article, you will know one thing for certain: Sharon did not believe in a peace achieved through cooperation and the recognition of the others’ rights. In fact, Sharon was no man of peace at all.
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