January 24, 2006

Israel's "demographic" time bomb

Reuters reports on a speech by Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni where she said that continued conflict with the Palestinians is eroding Israel's legitimacy.
With a higher Palestinian birth rate, that could mean the end of a Jewish majority in what is now Israel, she said, giving voice to an argument interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has raised for trading occupied land for peace.

I say that time works to our disadvantage, not only from the standpoint of demographic numbers ... but also from the standpoint of the legitimacy of a state for the Jewish people in the eyes of the international community," Livni told a policymakers' forum near Tel Aviv.
So who is this Tzipi Livni?
Livni, a former official in the Mossad intelligence service, is widely seen in Israel as a rising political star. She is number two behind Olmert in Kadima, the centrist party founded by Ariel Sharon, who was incapacitated by a stroke on Jan. 4.
Where else on the world would a politician so obsessed with "demographics" be described as "centrist" and by Reuters too?

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