January 03, 2006

Jewish voice on Spielberg's Munich

Here's a link to the Jewish Voice for Peace website's review of the Spielberg film, Munich. Here's the intro:
Steven Speilberg’s Munich has already generated considerable controversy. Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks said that Spielberg presents a “perpetual motion machine” of violence and that he ignores the “evil” involved—presumably meaning the Palestinians. The right-wing organization, CAMERA, is aghast that Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner depict Palestinians as people rather than as mindless killers. At Jewish Voice for Peace, we work for a lasting and just peace that respects the rights of Israelis and Palestinians equally. We do that by working to change American policy in the region and by raising a Jewish call for policies that treat Israelis and Palestinians equally within the framework of international law.
They seem to quite like the film for what they see as balance and for entertainment value. I found the review annoyingly "balanced" and I still need to see the film before I can comment.

I should say that having described Spielberg as a zionist in an earlier post, two people (whose opinions I respect) have told me that he's not. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hasty but I still think he is one.

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