January 09, 2006

The madness of Melanie Phillips

Read this and weep.
The Arabs have tried three strategies for wiping out the Jews of Israel. The first was their alliance with the Nazis. [this was when one Palestinian, the so-called Grand Mufti, foisted on the Palestinians by Britain decided that Britain was unreliable and so threw in his, and only his, lot with the nazis] The second was through war declared by Arab states in 1948 [when the Arab states mobilised to prevent the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the expansion of zionist control. TransJordan had a deal in operation with Israel at the time], 1967 [when Israel attacked its neighbours]and 1973[when finally the Arab states were true to their word and attacked Israeli forces. Kissinger wrote in the White House Years that the Israelis knew the Arabs were on maneouvres and that Golda Meir phoned him to tell them that Israel wasn't going to invade them again. That's how worried Israel was]. The third was through war by terrorism, allied to a mind-bending propaganda campaign to persuade the west that the victims of their hatred were actually aggressors and that the quarrel was over the Palestinian Arabs' desire for their own homeland which was being thwarted by Israel. This, of course, is one of the most egregious Big Lies of history; and appallingly, the last bit has worked surely beyond their wildest dreams. But the reason for the Middle East impasse remains as it ever was — the Arabs’ unceasing attempt to remove from the map the State of Israel which they perceive as evidence of the demonic Jewish conspiracy to attack Islam and take over the world, and the obdurate refusal of the Jews of Israel in response to lie down and die.
Read the whole thing, I dare you!

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