January 28, 2006

Respect supports Holocaust Memorial Day

Here's a curious piece in the European Jewish Press. Apparently Respect was behind the Holocaust Memorial Day event at SOAS yesterday. The Muslim Council of Britain has been castigated by various zionists in the media for boycotting HMD. Well now Respect's support for the event has caused great disgruntlement to zionists. Check this:
Gavin Gross, president of the SOAS Jewish Society, said: “I believe that Respect may have organised this Holocaust Memorial Day event as a political ploy to inoculate themselves against future charges of anti-Semitism.”

“When they attack Israel or ‘the Zionists’ in future, they will point to their embrace of Holocaust Memorial Day to demonstrate that their criticism is purely about Israel and that they care very much about Jews,” he added.
So leaving aside the fact that this is an admission that the SOAS Jewish Society uses the charge of anti-semitism to undermine Israel's opponents, what does Respect have to do to appease this particular zionist group? Should it make like the MCB and boycott HMD? Personally, I'm not comfortable with HMD as Israel has clearly used the holocaust to justify its own actions but I suppose there are lessons that can be drawn from it in terms of why we should oppose all manifestations of racist rule.

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