March 21, 2006


It must be the time of year. Or maybe it's the time of man. Oh never mind. Here's The Shondes, who can speak for themselves.
The Shondes are a much-needed wake-up call to New York independent music. This vibrant new band will send shockwaves tearing through audiences that have grown accustomed to a sleepy, ironic music sensibility. A Shondes performance will make you laugh, but their humor isn’t mockery; rather, it is a life-sustaining force in a world full of struggle. At a time when “queerness” is often de-politicized, focusing more on throwing a good party for people with lots of privilege than on calling that privilege out, and connecting struggles; a time when young, white hipster culture with loud Zionist overtones has come to define New York Jewish community and identity, The Shondes stand with their communities to challenge a comfort with this through a commitment to social justice and passionate music.
Here's a mid-pesach gig they have line up:
Pesach Rock!
A Radical Jewish Music Showcase, featuring:
Pharoah's Daughter: Hasidic chants, Mizrachi and Sephardi folk rock, and
Spiritual Stylings
The Shondes: queercore-to-the-kishkes rock quartet
Trictrotic: The Music of Nomy Lamm, Marcus
Rogers, and Erin Daly (Chicago)
Jason Trachtenburg's (The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players) Proverbial
Fourth Wall.

Saturday, April 15, 9:00 pm
@ Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

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