March 14, 2006

Israeli forces storm Jericho jail

It's all over the news now. Israeli troops have stormed the jail in Jericho and captured those it believes to be responsible for the killing of Rahavam Ze'evi, the minister most notable for advocating the expulsion of all Arabs from former mandate Palestine.
Some 80 Palestinian prisoners, including a man Israel says was responsible for the murder of an Israeli government minister, have surrendered to Israeli soldiers, ending an Israeli siege of the prison near Jericho on the West Bank.

The prisoners, who at first refused to surrender, filed out with their arms raised. Among them was Ahmed Saadat, who Israel says ordered the 2001 murder of tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi. Saadat had earlier told Al-Jazeera television he would rather die than surrender to Israeli soldiers.

Israeli officials say the siege began after the Palestinian Authority said it was prepared to release Saadat and other jailed militants.

Britain and the United States had removed their monitors ahead of the siege, but they say they had no advance notice that Israel would storm the prison.
Palestine Solidarity Campaign organised a demo at Downing Street this evening.

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