March 23, 2006

Israel's infanticide incentive scheme

Israeli soldiers haven't been killing enough children lately so what to do? Start an incentive scheme.
A Givati Brigade officer will receive NIS 80,000 in compensation from the state after he was cleared of all charges in relating to the death of 13-year-old Palestinian girl, Iman Al Hamas, in the much-publicized "confirmed kill" affair.

Captain "R" will receive NIS 80,000 in compensation from the state in addition to reimbursement for NIS 2,000 of legal expenses, as part of an arrangement reached between his lawyers and the military prosecution.

The agreement was made official Wednesday in the Israel Defense Forces's Southern Command court.
The going rate for killing a 13 year-old school student is NIS 80,000. The details haven't been published yet but it's believed to be a higher rate for killing girls because they are the ones who have babies and Israel's war on the Palestinians is nothing if not "demographic". The more women the Israeli army kills the less Palestinians will be born. This is great news for humanitarians everywhere. Those who despair at the Israeli army's propensity for killing Palestinian civilians can take comfort from the fact that the same army won't have to do that if it targets so many girls that Palestinians will stop being born.

Claimants of the award can remain anonymous like Captain "R" so that their comrades at arms don't get jealous at their jolly good luck. Not only do they get the pleasure of killing and then "confirming the kill" of Palestinian children, they get money out of it as well.

From Ha'aretz.

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