March 13, 2006

Jack Straw to disarm Israel

Oh dear! The Jerusalem Post reports that Jack Straw has said that the UK will address the issue of Israel's nuclear weapons after it has dealt with Iran's. But cop this:
Straw gave a lengthy television interview in Britain Thursday, following the decision to send Iran's nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions. When asked about a "double standard" regarding Iran, Straw replied: "I want a nuclear-free Middle East. It's the policy of her majesty's government. We've been working to achieve that. We have ensured over the last few years that two of the four countries [in the Middle East] which posed a nuclear threat, Libya and Iraq, have had their nuclear weapons removed," he said.
"Libya and Iraq, have had their nuclear weapons removed?" Did no one think to ask him what nuclear weapons?

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