March 04, 2006

Jews against the Board of Deputies

I must say that this establishment Jewish dissent against the Board of Deputies of British Jews surprises me. It's even on the front page of the Jewish Chronicle today. Well, yesterday now. It's a pay for annual subscription. Here's a piece or two:
The Board of Deputies has rebutted communal criticism of its decision to report Ken Livingstone to the Standards Board for likening a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard, which led to the Adjudication Panel for England imposing a four-week suspension on the London mayor.

As Mr Livingstone obtained a last-minute High Court decision to freeze the suspension — which had been due to take effect on Wednesday — Zionist Federation president Eric Moonman told the JC that the Board’s decision to report Mr Livingstone over his remark to the Evening Standard’s Oliver Finegold could bring an “extremely serious” backlash against the community. The Board has received dozens of antisemitic emails since the panel’s verdict last Friday.

Recent events such as the imprisonment of revisionist historian David Irving for Holocaust denial in Austria had created the impression that Jews demanded special treatment, Mr Moonman argued.

"If I was an official of the Board, I would probably have felt enormous pressure to do something," he acknowledged. "But it would have been much more skillful to get a number of people to campaign on our behalf.
Chilling huh? He would have got others to campaign on our behalf. What's all that about? I don't know but it looks to me that anti-semitism card is losing its ability to trump Israel's and zionism's critics and opponents.

Anyway, I've posted the whole article here.

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