March 19, 2006

Not the Jewish and Israel Blog Awards

I didn't get a JIBA (Jewish and Israel Blog Award) and I was really disappointed after all the hours (ok, minutes) I put into researching and writing my blog. But it's not all doom and gloom. I got an N-JIBA from the Jewish Socialist. This article sets out some of the Jewish interest websites that won't even be considered for a JIBA because they don't support Israel. Or as Clifford Singer puts it, they are Online but off-message.
Some radical bloggers prefer to skip the spiritual angst and head straight to the action of Israel-Palestine (IP) blogging. Three sites that won't be receiving Jewish and Israel Blog Awards anytime soon are the intelligent and unashamedly anti-Zionist Jews Sans Frontieres, Antony Loewenstein and Anti-Zionist Notes.
See that? "intelligent". Jewish Socialist is the magazine of the Jewish Socialist Group and is a shnip, I mean a snip, at £1.50 a go.

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