March 20, 2006

Punk Purim in the Guardian

Congrats to Joseph and Adam for bringing their yiddisher dissent to the attention of the Guardian. There's a fair write-up on the Jewdas meets Heeb festivities in the G2 today.
"We are trying to create a new, more radical form of Jewish identity," says Joseph Finlay, of Jewdas. "The main obsessions of British Jews are defending the state of Israel and making Jewish babies. We aim to knock these idols down and reopen the debate on who owns Judaism, who has the right to speak for the Jewish community and who is a Jew - surely anyone committed to justice? "We're also trying to bring in a new sense of fun," he continues, "playing with tradition rather than sanctifying it. Once Judaism is sacred, it is already dead."
See Jewdas's own write-up on the Punk Purim event here.

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