March 26, 2006

Rulers on the left, people on the right

I linked to and posted a chunk of Geoffrey Wheatcroft's Guardian comment piece here. I kept thinking about a paragraph I didn't post and it's this:
By now, the older political distinctions have anyway largely been eroded. As the sociologist Uri Ram has said (with a touch of ethnic sarcasm): "The major players in the socio-political drama taking place in Israel today are of the right: the socio-economic liberal right of the capitalist upper classes - called in Israel 'the left' - and the ethno-religious fundamentalist right of the labouring lower classes - called in Israel 'the people'."
This was in the context of the likely outcome of the coming Israeli elections where the imposition of Israel's expanded borders will be passed off by zionists in the western media as a move to the left.

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