April 14, 2006

Hamas MP threatens return to suicide bombings

My attention was drawn to this by a zionist commentor on David Hirsh's ludicrous Guardian blog. From the Beeb website, a Hamas MP is quoted as threatening a return to the suicide bombings. The article is about a defiant Hamas rally against the west's support for Israel's "making the Palestinians a lot thinner.
"We will eat salt, but we will not bow our heads for anybody other than God, because we are faithful to the rights of our people and our nation. We will not betray it," he said.

After his speech, Mr Haniya joined thousands of Hamas supporters who thronged the streets.

And he went with them as they gathered for a major rally in the centre of Gaza City.

Earlier, at another big demonstration in the south, another Hamas leader had warned that if the party's government was broken by its enemies, Hamas would go back on the offensive.

Younes al-Aftal, a Hamas MP, said there would be Hamas suicide bombings again in the heart of Israel.
Now that won't put food on the table.

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