April 04, 2006

New map of Israel but where is Palestine?

I was sent this link to the BBC website where I found this map of the new Israel. It reminded of when I first went to college and I met an Arab. I remember it was Christmas time and I asked the guy where he was from. He said that he was from Palestine. I had never heard of it. I asked him which town he was from and he told me that he was from Jerusalem. I was horrified. I went home and looked at a map of the Middle East hoping to find Palestine near Israel. I couldn't find it. And looking at the map on the left, I still can't find it.

Anyway, here's what the Beeb has to say:
Kadima was founded on the premise that Israel's long-term survival depends on safeguarding its Jewish majority and preventing Palestinian Arabs becoming the majority at any time in the future.

Demography was the motivation for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's withdrawal of troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip last year and Kadima's election pledge to make future "territorial compromises" in the West Bank.
Demography? Now there's a word to cover a multitude of sins, but only Israel's sins. It used to mean the study of the characteristics of human populations, such as size, growth, density, distribution, and vital statistics. Now it's a coded expression for colonial settlement, ethnic cleansing and racist laws.

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