May 30, 2006

The case against Alan Dershowitz by Sabby Sagall

Sabby Sagall has a letter published in today's Guardian supporting the NATFHE Israel boycott motion. I just googled him and not many sites came up but the first one was an article by him critiquing, well demolishing, Alan Dershowitz's oxymoronically titled The Case for Israel:
At a time of deepening political and moral crisis, not only for the Israeli government but for the entire Zionist project, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has produced a book purporting to set the record straight by rebutting all the accusations leveled against "the sole outpost of liberty and democracy in the Middle East." The structure of each chapter is based on a defense lawyer�s submission to a court, a statement of the charge against the accused (Israel) followed by the defense counsel's repudiation backed up by counter evidence. However, using dubious methods of historical scholarship, the book is shot through with falsification through omission and will convince only the ignorant or the gullible.
The whole article is on Logos here.

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