June 27, 2006

Death of a zionist serial complainer

Here's an interesting letter in today's Education Guardian about what someone found when his father died bequeathing, among other things, an email account
:Sickened by racist emails

Your article (Israeli university boycott: how a campaign backfired, June 20) resonated with me. Two years ago, while my father was dying in hospital, I had the misfortune to be asked by him to take care of his emails. I was shocked and sickened with what I found in his inbox and outbox. He belonged to a "media watch" mailing list whose sole aim was to find any snippet of anti-Israel (or pro-Palestinian) opinion in the media and then bombard the writer with emails accusing them of anti-semitism. Within the inbox were emails congratulating him for his dedication and detailing the effects of such vigilance. The racist nature of most of the mailings turned my stomach. I am sure that, were he alive today, my father would have been bombarding union leaders with emails.

The overall effect of this was to make me determined to discover the reality of what was going on in Palestine. I am looking to donate part of my inheritance to peaceful Palestinian causes.
Name and address supplied
I'd love to know the name of the media watching outfit.

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