June 25, 2006

Netanyahu: Israel could wipe out Gaza

According to Ha'aretz, Binyamin Netanyahu has said that the Israeli army has the ability to wipe out the whole of Gaza.
Opposition leader and Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told the 35th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem on Thursday that the Israel Defense Forces has the operational capability to wipe out the Gaza Strip, but chose not to do so.

"The IDF has the firepower to wipe out an entire population if we wanted. We could wipe out all of Gaza but we are not doing this. If the other [Palestinian] side had this [firepower], they would do this," Netanyahu said in his speech.

The Likud leader was speaking one day after a botched Israel Air Force missile killed two Palestinian civilians in southern Gaza. Two days ago, three children were killed in an IAF strike in Gaza City that targeted members of Fatah's military wing.
Why do they assume that when the child killers of the Israeli army kill children, it's a "botched operation?" They've killed about 700 children since 2,000. Were they all botched operations by the most powerful, not to mention "most moral" army in the Middle East?

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