June 23, 2006

Sorry doesn't always make it right

Ehud Olmert has "expressed regret" to Mahmoud Abbas over the fact that Israel keeps killing civilians in Gaza. This is from the Financial Times:
Ehud Olmert, in his first meeting with Mahmoud Abbas as Israeli prime minister, yesterday told the Palestinian Authority president he regretted the deaths of Palestinian civilians in recent air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

The two men met briefly in the margins of a conference in Petra, Jordan, hours after a pregnant woman and her brother were killed by a missile that struck their home, bringing the Palestinian civilian death toll to 13 in little over a week. Three Palestinian children died in an attack on Tuesday.

The Israeli air force commander, Major-General Eliezer Shakedi, defended air strikes as the most accurate means of targeting militants short of a full-scale ground offensive into Gaza. The military nevertheless said it was launching an investigation into the latest botched raid.

The military has reverted to air strikes against militants who fire home-made rockets into Israel after suspending daily artillery barrages in the wake of the killing of eight picnickers on a Gaza beach on June 9, ostensibly by an Israeli shell.
Meanwhile, back in Israel Olmert says the killings will continue, but then we knew that without being told.

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