June 05, 2006

Zionism against Jews?

I posted earlier about the World Zionist Congress and I linked the proposed resolutions. It's worth going to that link now and downloading the word document. Roland Rance has read through them and he has put this comment to the Zionists on zionism post.
I find many of these resolutions disturbing. For instance, number 2/5, in the name of the "world brotherhood of Meretz", calls for "immediate action to include all bodies and organization in the world in education and awareness, in order to prevent assimilation", while number 6/10, from the "World Labor Zionist Movement", wants a "unified strategy to struggle against assimilation". So it looks as though they are threatening to take active steps to undermine Jewish life outside Israel, as part of their quest for new immigrants. This is compounded by resolution 6/11 from the Zionist Federation of Sweden, which proposes "to encourage Jewish youth to consider Israel as their homeland" - rather, I presume, than their actual homeland of Sweden or wherever.

Resolution 2/3, from the "Organization of Orthodox Communities and Synagogues in Israel and the Diaspora" proposes to "initiate Zionist activity in the Synagogues and Jewish communities throughout the world" - ie, to colonise those synagogues which are not considered sufficiently pro-Israel.

Meanwhile, resolution 5/11, from the Labor Zionists, calls for "action through all means to encourage the return home of Israelis living abroad" (my emphasis). This really worries me; it suggests that they are going to send in a hit squad to kidnap my (anti-Zionist) wife, and force her to return "home" to Kiryat Shemona. I don't think they are offering to buy her an Oyster card for her return home to Walthamsrtow every evening.

Resolution 6/12, from by Salomon Vaz Dias of American Friends of Likud, wants "to bring about legislation that will outlaw anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism and Holocaust denial". Luckily, the Zionists are not as powerful as they would like, and as some anti-Jewish fantasists believe, and they are unlikely to be able to ban this blog and other anti-Zionist resources.[here's hoping]

But the most disturbing resolution must be number 6/18, from the World labour Zionist movement (which is presumably linked to Israel's Labour party, and therefore of considerable significance), which "calls upon the nations of the world to act aggressively and immediately to remove the Iranian threat".

There can be no doubt from reading these proposed resolutions that, although the Zionists do not actually control US foreign policy or own the world's media, organised Zionism is nevertheless a serious threat both to world peace, and to the security of Jews around the world.
The document runs to 60 pages and it's well worth a look at.

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