July 09, 2006

Annan to Israel: stop starving the Palestinians

Kofi Annan has made a courageous and radical demand of Israel. According to Ireland's RTE, he has asked them to stop starving the Palestinians:
The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, has said Israel must take urgent action to prevent a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli military operations are still under way in response to the abduction of a soldier by Palestinian militants a fortnight ago.

Mr Annan said Israel had to repair the territory's only power plant, which was damaged in an Israeli airstrike.

UN agencies have said Gaza is on the brink of a public health disaster.

Meanwhile, three members of a Palestinian family were killed last last night in an airstrike east of Gaza City, but Israel said it doesn't believe it was responsible for the killings.
If Annan asks Israel to stop wiping out whole Palestinian families I'll do an update.

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