July 14, 2006

Israel defence minister has "pacifist beliefs" tested

Can you believe this? Hold on, you don't know what I'm asking. Even I don't just yet. Let me gather some thoughts. Here see the quote:
Amir Peretz

Leader of Israel's Labour party, he has had his pacifist beliefs sorely tested since becoming defence minister in March. Faces international pressure to minimise civilian casualties.
See that? Israel appointed a defence minister with "pacifist beliefs." So which of the rabidly pro-zionist UK newspapers did this appear in? One of Murdoch's, the Sun or the Times? Nope. Telegraph? Nope. The Express perhaps? No again. We're narrowing it down though. We don't have many newspapers after all and you wouldn't expect a tabloid to be naming defence ministers anyway. So we're left with the Guardian or the Independent. You guessed wrong I bet. It's the latter. That's it, the home of Robert Fisk. No, not Beirut, the Independent. Someone out of Donald Macintyre and Eric Silver thought it was appropriate to tell a joke in their Gaza coverage at a time like this. I'm betting it was the Indie's resident zionist, Eric Silver, but you never know.

I don't know. Perhaps I'm being unfair. Perhaps it's the the old "zionism used to be nice but then became horrid because the Arabs are so horrid" routine. That must be what it is. Straightforward dishonesty in the Independent and not a sick joke after all.

Meanwhile the Gusrdian has "Comment is free" pieces by Robert White and Jonathan Spyer. Both are apologetics for Israel and the former found its way to the top of Google news earlier today. The "liberals" are pulling out all the stops for their racist war criminal state in the heart of the Middle East but then while Israel makes war on civilians and their infrastructure, the "liberal" zionist media has a much tougher enemy: the facts.

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