September 09, 2006

"He forgot that Israel is the state of the Jews. Period."

Zionists are fond of telling anyone who cares to listen that Israel can't be a racist state because it has Arab members of its parliament and Arab mayors, deputy mayors and councillors. Well here's an article in Ha'aretz that demonstrates how this so-called Jewish democracy can limit the democratic rights of the Arab "minority" or Arab sector it tends to be called in Israel.
The meeting opened, and one by one the council members laid out Hamis' misdeeds: "You harmed the home front and the Israel Defense Forces," accused Rami Dotan, a council member for the Likud party and one of Regev's allies, opening the strange session and setting the tone.

The members who spoke after Dotan were from all parts of the political spectrum. Hamis helped to solidify the Jewish members into one bloc, united as if in the face of a cruel enemy. For two hours, they accused him of treason, collaboration with the enemy, giving aid to Nasrallah, opposition to Israel, denying the justness of the war, failing to function during the war, sowing division between Jews and Arabs, and so on.

"I felt it was like a terrible lead-up to a stoning, recalling dark periods in history," said Hamis. "They threw me to the dogs, because they claimed I helped the enemy in time of war. There is no more serious accusation than that. I'm a lawyer, and I know there are places where an accusation like that is like a death sentence. All in all I expressed my opinion against the war, and for that I need to be tried by a kangaroo court?"

On the morning of the ouster, Hamis still tried to affect the outcome. He called a press conference and announced his intention to resign as deputy mayor. It was the only way to spare himself humiliation, and to deny his fellow members the pleasure of dismissing him.
And why?
He forgot that Israel is the state of the Jews. Period.
Said his chief tormentor, Councillor Yitzhak Regev. Well this democratically elected and zionistically dismissed former deputy mayor, won't forget that Israel is the state of the Jews again.

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