September 17, 2006

Israel boycott proposed from home of the boycott*

I've been sent this report from the Irish Times (subscription only) by a woman who has her own blog here. Anyway here's the report:
A group of 61 academics has called for the introduction of a moratorium on support to Israeli academic institutions both at Irish and European level, in light of the ongoing situation in Lebanon and Palestinian territories.

In a letter published in today's Irish Times, the 61 signatories noted there is "widespread" international condemnation of Israel's policy of "violent repression" of the Palestinians in the occupied territories and its "aggression against the people of Lebanon".

"The Israeli government appears impervious to moral appeals fro world leaders and to long-standing United Nations resolutions," the letter states.

"We feel it is time to heed the Palestinian call to take practical action to pressure Israel to comply with international law and basic human rights norms."

Among the signatories to the letter are Prof Ivana Bacik of the School of Law at TCD, Dr Kieran Allen of the School of Sociology at UCD, Prof Brian Maguire, head of the faculty of fine art at NCAD, Prof Seamus Dean at the Institute for Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame, Dr Bill McSweeney of the Irish School of Ecumenics and Prof John Coakley of the School of Politics in UCD.

The letter states that many national and European cultural and research institutions regard Israel as a European state for the purposes of awarding grants and contracts.. This includes those funded by the EU, it says.

"We call for a moratorium on any further such support to Israeli academic institutions, at both national and European levels," the letter states.

"We urge our fellow academics to support this moratorium by refraining, where possible, from further joint collaborations with Israeli academic institutions. Such a moratorium should continue until Israel abides by UN resolutions and ends the occupation of Palestinian territories."
We have a mutual friend called Liz who has a blog here.

If you're wondering about the admittedly clunky headline go here.

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