October 30, 2006

Engage "proves" that Israel isn't racist

This is an unwitting guest post from a commentor called Hulkagaard.
Here's hirshele up to his usual tricks: http://www.engageonline.org.uk/b...icle.php?

on the arrest of a Kahanist, Hirsh asks: "If Israel is a "Nazi" or "racist" state, then how could it be that someone is charged with incitement, for arguing that Arabs should be expelled from the Occupied Territories and for threatening genocidal violence against them?"

how can it be that a someone is charged with incitement, and lieberman is made a vice premier in the government? http://www.zmag.org/content/show...fm?

how can it be that someone is charged for incitement, but no one is charged for incitement for holding an academic conference at Haifa U. on the "demographic threat?" http://www.labournet.net/world/0...505/

62% of israelis polled believe the government should "encourage Arabs to leave." So how can Hirsh not see that the university he is trying to protect hosts conferences full of racist incitement?

Hirsh should know that "encouraging arabs to leave" invariably becomes bloody. the kahanists are only a problem to Israel because they speak this truth without hypocrisy.
I don't know why Dr Hirsh should know that. He doesn't seem very smart to me.

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