November 26, 2006

Israel laid land mines in Lebanon

Not content with cluster bombs it now appears that Israel laid land mines in Lebanon in the summer war it lost:
A U.N. agency said Saturday that Israel laid mines in Lebanon during this summer's war between the Jewish state and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah group - the first time Israel has been accused of planting mines during the latest fighting.

The report by the U.N. Mine Action Coordination Center follows its investigation of a land mine explosion Friday that wounded two European disposal experts and a Lebanese medic.

Later Saturday, the agency reported that a British demining expert was injured in a separate blast while trying to clear mines from the same area where Friday's explosion occurred. The deminer, who worked for the British-based land mine clearing company BACTEC, had to have his foot amputated.
I'm sure the UK government will protest strenuously about this.


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