November 20, 2006

Jews sans frontieres hosts Gilad Atzmon!

This is terrible! First the Socialist Workers Party hosted the known antisemite, Gilad Atzmon, and lied to their supporters to justify what they had done, then Scottish Palestine Solidarity announced a talk by him titled ""Zionist" Control, and now Jews sans frontieres has hosted comments from Gilad Atzmon. I know JSF leaves the moderator switched off sometimes but surely the owner wouldn't allow a known Jew-baiter to post comments there. Well no I wouldn't as a rule allow it but Gilad Atzmon is nothing if not dishonest and so he used a false name, a woman's name, Yocheved. I think he's also been masquerading as a Palestinian calling himself "Afif." I accidentally deleted some comments today and when a friend told me that "Yocheved" is most likely Atzmon I wrote to him to get him to post his latest comment again. That was yesterday evening and he still hasn't replied. It's not like him to ignore emails. Now Gilad Atzmon's not shy so why didn't he use his own name to post comments here instead of acting like Alf Green of Engage?

There is of course a large element of hypocrisy here. Look at this line in a comment by Yocheved:
Moreover, as you may notice even the Jewish Socialist refrain now from overtly calling him (Atzmon) a racist or an Anti Semite. I tell you why, they are simply afraid. They know that he can take them to court and win.
So Yocheved Atzmon, let me be clear, Gilad Atzmon is a hardcore anti-Jewish racist, that is, an antisemite, and a lying hypocrite to boot. See you in court Yocheved.

Just as an aside here. I got the link to SPSC from the Engage site. Engage says in its post that the Atzmon's proposed talk is "entitled not entirely ambiguously "Zionist Control"." This is one of those half-truths that is at least tantamount to a lie. The talk is sub-titled "The Gatekeepers of the Pro-Palestine Discourse." This looks likely to be an attack on Jewish anti-zionists. In fact it is likely to be a smear against Jewish anti-zionists by accusing them of a form of racism. Funny how Engage didn't mention that but it's not just the use of bogus ID to post comments that gives Engage something in common with Gilad Atzmon.

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