November 09, 2006

Moron Grossman

Woops, sorry, I meant to say "more on Grossman." Ok that was childish so sorry again. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that there are more letters in the Guardian on David Grossman's ghastly speech to, well, I'm not sure who to but Linda Grant says that there were 100,000 people there "by the way." Here's one of the letters:
Less than 48 hours after David Grossman stood up in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square to denounce the "hollow leadership" of Israel (A state of missed opportunities, G2, November 7), its actual leaders, the Israel defence force, kills 18 Palestinians in their beds. By all accounts, that adds up to 71 killed in one week. Maybe prime minister Ehud Olmert and defence minister Amir Peretz should give way to Avigdor Lieberman, the ethnic-cleansing deputy prime minister, and Dan Halutz, chief of staff and specialist in ham-fisted overkill, to finish the job, in Lieberman's words, "surgically". This has all the signs, not of an error, but a misguided policy.

Like many diaspora Jews, I am both ashamed and enraged at these actions. Instead of bombing the Palestinians into defiance, why can't Israel just talk?
Michael Kustow
And another:
David Grossman seeks to expose the moral degradation of Israeli governments, but succeeds also in exposing the infantile romanticism of the Zionist left. He describes the creation of Israel as a "political, national and human miracle", but for a much larger number of people - the inhabitants of Palestine who were expelled or killed, and their descendants still living in exile or under military occupation - it was a catastrophe. And while we can all sympathise with his grief over the death of his son, a tank commander in the invasion of Lebanon, some of us have seen these same tanks in action against Palestinian children armed only with slingshots.
Stephen Williams
There are others but those were my faves.

Linda Grant has now been joined, actually I think that might be rejoined by someone in the Engage comments. Here's a reminder of what she had to say about the gruesome prospect of this "left" zionist, Grossman, being on the sharp end of a boycott of Israel:
And this is the man the cultural boycotters want to silence . . . There were 100,000 people in the audience, by the way.
And the rejoinder:
Since Grossman supported the criminally disproportionate attack on Lebanon, he has no moral standing. He also misrepresents the position of Hamas which is that if Israel withdraws to the pre 1967 borders they will guarantee peace for a generation. Negotiations are irrelevant because all Israel has to do is obey UN resolutions and international law.
Let's be clear about who it is Linda Grant wants to save from a boycott, a left zionist who supported the war on Lebanon until it became clear that Israel couldn't win.

Again I say that the zionist smearsite, Engage, is a friend to the anti-zionist movement.

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