December 16, 2006

Gilad Atzmon: Deborah Maccoby killed Jesus .... twice!

Wow, this is bizarre! I know Deborah Maccoby and I'm always impressed by her courage. She is one of five women who picketed a zionist rally at the Jews' Free School where 4,000 to 5,000 people, egged on by the Chief Rabbi, cheered the slaughterous efforts of the Israeli army in Lebanon. Anyway, weary of Atzmon's and the SWP's denials of his anti-Jewish racism and his dishonest threats of legal action against me she has published extracts from correspondence from him in the comments below an earlier post. Get this:
To settle the question of whether or not Gilad Atzmon is a Christian antisemite, here is a short extract from a personal correspondence I had with him in February and March this year. I would not normally make a private correspondence public, but in view of Gilad's public claims that he is not antisemitic and in view of his threat to sue Mark, I think this has now become necessary.

I had said that Jesus was a human being and not the Son of God and this was his reaction:

"G: Human being??? Not a son of God? Who do you think you are? You have just re-murdered the son of God and his spiritual heritage. Indeed you are a proper Christ killer and you have very good reason to be concern with the association."

And for good measure,here below are two other choice extracts from this correspondence.


"Jewish people and you included have problems with great people who expose their ugliness. This is why you murdered and re murder systematically and symbolically, this is why your ancestors ousted Sponoza, and this is why you campaign against Shamir and Eisen."

"Again the Q I would like to raise is how come a J like yiourself is so concerned with the association with Christ killers. Why Italians aren't that concerned with a very similar accusations? At the end of the day, it was their Roman ancestors who made the crime. The reason is simple. While Italians developed an ethical thinking, your resemblance to the murderous great priest is shockingly apparent. It is something you try to push under the carpet, You know so welll that you are a modern day Christ killer.

You (andyour 3rd category ilk) insist to act as kosher commandants. You are there to decide who is dangerous, who is right and who is wrong. Who is good for the Palestinians, you aree there to Crucify the enemies of the Jewish people. in your private list, Paul Eisen his a shining yellow star. Shamir is the devil and slowly but surely you learn recognise that i am the 'most dangerous' of them all. Let me tell you, somehow, you are not as talented as the great Cohen. You are not even as talented as myself. You have to practice a lot before the next lesson."
I left the typos in place. Now look forward to Gilad Atzmon quoting himself out of context to insist that others are dishonest and watch out for this or that SWP member covering for him too by telling us what he really meant.

I deleted a couple of comments recently that made great play of the fact that the Guardian gave Atzmon a right of reply to the Engage buffoon-in-chief, David Hirsh. According to one of his accolytes this shows he can't be called a liar or a racist or antisemite. In his comment is free piece he happily quoted himself out of context in order to claim that David Hirsh has done that. The problem for David Hirsh is that he misrepresents so much that others are free to read for themselves the Guardian had no option but to give the lying antisemite Atzmon the benefit of the doubt. It's a curious irony that as Hirsh has become such a liability to the zionist movement, Atzmon has come to replace him as an asset. Whether Atzmon means to be or not is irrelevant. The problem here of course is that the zionists have cried wolf so often now, few are prepared to believe them when a real wolf appears.

It's pointless trying to persuade Atzmon to mend his ways and stop the racist abuse of honest anti-zionists, stop the lies and stop getting his friends to leave stupid and threatening comments here, or even stop using phoney ID to leave lying comments himself. But what on earth is the SWP doing offering such a gift to the zionist movement? I have to say, Harry's Place hasn't had so much fun since George Galloway appeared on Big Brother. And one of their people was here just last night practically accusing me of antisemitism.

UPDATE: As almost predicted, Gilad Atzmon is on the claiming to have been quoted out of context. He does a strange thing to back his false claim which is to reproduce the whole correspondence which show that he wasn't quoted out of context. The peacepalestine blog recently claimed that I have no problem with David Hirsh of Engage. For info on my issues with David Hirsh check this search.

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