January 23, 2007

Israel changes the habit of a lifetime and builds an Arab city

Now this is news, not that I'm first with it. A report in the Jerusalem Post says that Israel is building an Arab city. Yes, Israel. You know, that nasty racist state with the genocidal ideology and project known as zionism. The Israel that has destroyed Arab villages and towns is now building an Arab city:
The mock city is located in the southern Tze'elim military base. From a distance, it looks like any Arab urban center.

Around 500 structures were built for a maximum capacity of 5,000 residents. "Just like in every real city we built mosques, a Casba and even a refugee camp," said Lt.-Col Arik Moreh, the second in command of the Tactical Training City (TTC), part of the [Urban Warfare Training Centre] UTC, following a large urban warfare training exercise Monday morning.
Ah there, I spoiled it. It's only a mock city and it's being built to train the army how to destroy Arabs and their cities in future.

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