January 29, 2007

Let my people go!

I just got this Canadian Globe and Mail story from a friend in Ireland. Apparently increasing numbers of Jews are seeking refuge, not in but from, Israel.
Canada is granting residency to growing numbers of Israeli asylum seekers, including ethnic Russians, ultra-orthodox Jews and political dissidents who say they are victims of political or religious persecution in Israel.

This is upsetting Israeli authorities and members of the Jewish community in Canada. They say the refugee claimants are smearing the image of the Middle Eastern state as one that offers a haven to persecuted Jews the world over.
Now Israel hasn't been averse to endangering Jewish communities so that Jews will come to Israel to help with the "demographic threat" but how does causing Jews to "have a well-founded fear of persecution" in Israel help? And why is the presence of more Jews in Canada "upsetting .... members of the Jewish community in Canada?"

And how's this for Jewish solidarity?
Shimon Fogel, of the Canada-Israel Committee, said these refugee claimants sometimes draw contempt from established Jewish community members in Canada. Mr. Fogel qualified the claimants as opportunistic migrants seeking a shortcut into Canada's immigration system.
Pull up the ladder Shimon, your Jewish brothers and sisters are coming!

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