February 07, 2007

Board of Deputies and Linda Grant's mother

Here's a Comment is Free piece by Linda Grant on this Independent Jewish Voices malarkey:
The reason I see myself somewhere in between the Independent Jewish Voices and the ones delineated as the Establishment, is that eight years ago I wrote a book about my mother's dementia, and about the role of memory in Jewish family life, and the care given to her by the voluntary bodies of the Jewish community. I had spent every Sunday afternoon for years visiting the care home where my mother was placed. We were all down in the same place: visiting loved ones whose minds and bodies were failing.

Without the help and support of those mainstream bodies, affiliated to the Board of Deputies, I'd have gone mad. Nothing I had written or read in the Guardian could help me now. It was the Jewish community which cared for my mother, the Jewish community which washed her body when she died and placed her in her coffin, it was the Jewish community who buried her and the synagogue which said the prayers, all in accordance with her wishes. It was the Jewish community I was forced to listen to, to hear their fears, hopes, beliefs, anxieties.
I don't know. I just don't think that's a good enough reason to allow a bunch of war-loving zionists to mis/represent a diverse community.

More on Linda Grant's support for the zionist establishment here.

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