February 16, 2007

David Aaronovitch's hypocrisy?

David Aaronovitch, a hypocrite? Who said that? Well the headline to a the following letter in the Jewish Chronicle (subscription only) is COLUMNIST'S HYPOCRISY. Here's the letter:
Dear Sir

David Aaronovitch wonders why he wasn't invited to sign the Independent Jewish Voices declaration even though he wouldn't have signed it. There could be two reasons. One is the fact that late last year, in The Times, David Aaronovitch sneered at Jews for Justice for Palestinians and, in particular, an invitation to sign their statement. He actually said that he wouldn't sign anything "as a Jew" and that he couldn't understand why anyone would ask him to sign anything simply because he has a Jewish name.

The second reason might be that the David Aaronovitch, who writes for The Times and who couldn't understand why he would be asked to sign anything "as a Jew" was a different David Aaronovitch altogether from the one who would like to have been asked to sign the IJV declaration and that these IJV people asked the Times chap but not the JC chap.

Perhaps it's time for one of these David Aaronovitches to read the other one's articles.

Yours faithfully

Mark Elf
Mark Elf eh? But the h-word doesn't appear in the letter so perhaps the JC was making a statement, you never know.

The article I was responding to was in last week's JC and headed Independent, but not very Jewish. David Aaronovitch is now the proud owner of a Jewometer that can tell how Jewish people are. Some gadget, huh?

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