July 23, 2007

BMJ poll on the academic boycott

There's a poll being conducted on the website of the British Medical Journal on whether or not there should be a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. What sets this poll apart from any other that I have seen of this kind is that it asks the voter to explain their vote.
Please answer the following questions with regard to whether we should consider a boycott of Israeli academic institutions?

We asked two British academics for their opinion.

[ Yes ], says Tom Hickey.
[ No], says Michael Baum.

1. Should we consider a boycott of Israeli academic institutions?

2. Tell us why you voted the way you did.

3. Which category of visitor best describes you? (Please choose one)
Medically qualified doctor
Medical student
Other healthcare professional or student
Academic researcher
Pharma employee
Patient or patient support group
Member of the public

4. Which country are you from?
At the time of writing the percentage against the boycott is over 90% so the zionists have been rather busy bees but it is interesting that the poll asks for reasons. Obviously these on line polls are open to all sorts of rigging so the reason "why you voted as you did" is particularly important here.

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