July 14, 2007

More present absentees

A refugee camp is to be built near the Israeli parliament building on this coming Monday. It is for the expellees of a Bedouin village that is being depopulated and razed to the ground on orders from the Israeli government:

The Government of Israel is intensifying the demolitions of Bedouin homes in the Israeli Negev. This is instead of recognition, community involvement in discussions, and planning. This is part of a new "evacuation-compensation" plan for the Arab Bedouin population that resides in unrecognized villages in the Negev. To read the Association for Civil Rights in Israel letter to Minister Shitrit regarding this plan: http://www.acri.org.il/...

In accordance with this plan, only two weeks ago the government demolished 28 homes, adding 28 families to over one hundred that the government made homeless since the beginning of 2007! The pictures show the results of past demolitions.

But the governmental bulldozers are not satisfied. Last Thursday the government put Demolition Orders on the homes of all the residents of the village of A-Sire. This is despite the tireless work of the leadership of the village and their turn to any possible legal and civil body to show the futility and the atrocity of the action: the village has been in this location for hundreds of years, and the residents of the village have nowhere to go. If the homes are demolished the people will remain under the desert sun until they rebuild their homes.

Full story at Daily Kos here.

I should have said I got this from an email from a chap called Joe from a place called Dundee in the states. (too many froms, I know.)

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