July 16, 2007

The moving apartheid wall

A young Palestinian writing to her mother in the UK:
Getting to Bir Nabala was depressing as expected. We went to Arram to pick up baba first and that was awful. A temporary concrete barricade splits the road in two and then becomes the 'real' wall. Today the gate was closed and no one knew where to go. So we went on a detour around Arram to find baba's office. Down each road we came to a dead end where the wall blocked us off. It runs right down the middle of small residential streets separating family from family and no one can see why they chose to build there. People on both sides still have to cross the checkpoint so I really don't understand the logic. It is like a garden maze, except the dead ends keep moving so you can't even learn the route for next time. It really affects baba. This is his daily road to work.
More on the wall at the Stop the Wall campaign website.

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