September 09, 2007

Israel's annual fascist fest?

No surprises here, and, it has to be said, nothing new. From the BBC website, Israel has discovered a cell of neo-nazis from the Soviet Union who go round "happy slapping," that is videoing their assaults on, gays, visibly orthodox Jews and drug addicts.
Police say the gang members would target homosexuals, Jews who wore a skull cap and drug addicts, often video taping their attacks.

"It is difficult to believe that Nazi ideology sympathisers can exist in Israel, but it is a fact," Revital Almog, the police official who led the investigation, told Israeli public radio.
Well really! Fancy people in Israel believing in racial supremacy and relentless militarism. Where do they get their ideas from?

Now I said this is nothing new. I have actually posted on this in 2005 and 2006 hence my headline.

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