November 14, 2007

"Israeli" Arabs?

Here's a curious editorial in Ha'aretz. It's about an invitation by the State of Israel to Israel's Arabs to volunteer for service in its war criminal army. I'm assuming this is a recent development because of how the editorial is introduced:
Opposition to young Arabs volunteering for national service unfortunately unites all Arab MKs. An Arab rap group has composed a song protesting the possibility, rallies have been held, signs have been posted, and MK Jamal Zahalka has said he will consider anyone who volunteers a "leper." One can understand the refusal to cooperate with an establishment that has discriminated against Arabs since the inception of the state. But those who sincerely want to promote equality between Jewish and Arab citizens cannot support such an isolationist attitude.
I think it will take a little bit more than inviting Israel's Arabs to kill their Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem compatriots to establish racial equality among the various people of Israel. Here are some examples, in the same editorial, of the state racism that needs to be overcome:
It is difficult to be an Arab in a state that earmarks Jewish National Fund land only for Jews, where residential communities deny Arabs the right to join them, where the Knesset legislates a citizenship law that prevents family unification between Israeli Arabs and their Palestinian spouses.
It then makes a very curious suggestion:
But all who value equality must demand more Israelization of the Arabs.
By having them join an army that routinely kills Arab children? Still, read the whole thing. I must have missed something.

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