December 25, 2007

I swear this blog is going down the Toube, ask Lenin

I've done a few posts on Harry's Place, a hard right wing hate site that seems to promote a leftish image of itself. It's main man seems to be a chap who prefers anonymity so he calls himself David t. It looks like an impressive blog and has a large following if the comments are anything to go by. The comments are usually abusive non sequiturs aimed at anyone who dares challenge the HP orthodoxy. Readers of Melanie Phillips in the UK or random zionist hacks in the US will be familiar with the style and the content. I suppose it is a UK equivalent of the US's Little Green Footballs.

Anyway, seeing myself as a small fish in a large ocean, I quite enjoy it when I get attention from famous people. I've had threatening emails from Linda Grant, pseudonymous comments from Nick Cohen and David Hirsh, quite nice supportive comments from China Mieville (sci-fi writer) and Michael Rosen (children's author and broadcaster) and I was a co-star of a libellous and unbelievably childish article by David Aaronovitch in the Jewish Chronicle and the Times online. But I was still chuffed when the mysterious (he hoped) David t came here a few times. I even wrote to him congratulating him on a mention he got in Private Eye.

But I have to say that the main thing that struck me about David t was that he was such a lightweight in debate. I'm not the smartest and I walked all over him. I said once that Israel was a cause of antisemitism. He accused me of blaming the victim. But Israel's not a victim. The victims are random Jews. Israel is a repugnant state. Just recently, he came here to defend a post he did trying to get a curator of an exhibition on Israel's 60th anniversary the sack for wanting to show the Palestinians' dispossession and exile and Britain's role in it as part of the exhibition. Unable to defend his own post he quickly changed the subject to one of no relevance to the post whatever. Now I couldn't quite believe how stupid that was. Really each time I have crossed with him I was disappointed with his sheer lack of intellect. I thought I must be missing something.

Well, what do you know? I was missing something. It turns out that this intellectual lightweight political blogger is actually a top hole lawyer called David Toube. Look at his CV on his page of his firm's website.
David S. Toube is an associate based in the London office.

Mr. Toube’s practice focuses on United Kingdom and European regulatory securities law matters, anti-money laundering law and practice, and in particular the Financial Services Authority requirements to which regulated companies are subject. He advises in relation to a broad range of investment banking, fund management, corporate finance and other financial services sector matters. Mr. Toube is a co-author of “A Practitioner's Guide to the FSA Regulation of Investment Banking,” Sweet and Maxwell’s “The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, A practical legal guide” and is a contributor to Oxford University Press’ “Financial Markets and Exchanges Law.”

Mr. Toube joined the firm in 2007 having previously been a trainee and then an associate at Ashurst in London. He took a first class honours degree in Law from Southampton University in 1990 and received a BCL from Brasenose College, University in 1992. He was a Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary, University of London.

Mr. Toube was admitted to the Bar of England and Wales in 1993.
I must thank Mike Murray in the comments for linking this but after googling "David Toube" "David t" I found that it was my old mate and former co-blogger Lenin who first discovered his real ID and outed him as many as two months ago. And it wasn't even Lenin's post that came up on google, it was Neil Clark's. I'm just giving credit where it's due here.

But back to Mr t, thing that I find most disturbing about him is that his uselessness in debate must be a sham. I can see his difficulty. He is enormously clever but desperately immoral. He supports Israel and anything else that he thinks will harm the victims of Israel but he can't make a case for what he believes in so he acts stupid and just repeats mantras over and over. Having got all the attention he gets from the fact that he inherited a website from a certain "Harry" and a "Hari" he now calls on his troll army to harass anyone he denounces. He is confident that he is broadly with the mainstream media so his difference with that is over tactics. He wants people to write and harass people he doesn't approve of. He wants them denounced by name and,if he can pull it off, sacked. But if he is outed there's no chance of him being sacked. His employers won't mind what he does. He promotes the right wing agenda of his employers. The only reason for his anonymity is that his politics are indefensible so he has to do a stupid act. If he used his real name people would google it and see that he is actually clever, not stupid and that just goes to show that there is no correlation between intellect and morality. Also if he acts stupid anonymously no one would immediately believe that he is the highly qualified champion of finance capitalism that he actually is.

This David Toube is a finance capitalist and he supports wars of the west's choosing and he supports Israel, the jewel in the crown of western imperialism. He cannot defend his position intelligently so he adopts bogus ID to bully and smear those he disapproves of. If he used his real name, clients might be anxious that an idiot is looking after their affairs and they'd run for cover. By using a false name and behaving in such a stupid manner no one would believe he's a first class Oxbridge grad so whatever scent he leaves would never (he hoped) lead to this top hole lawyer, David Toube. So David Toube becomes David t and claims to need anonymity because his employers might harass him like he harasses others. They wouldn't of course, but Harry's Place never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

The problem for me is that these things happen on the net right under my nose and I don't even notice, hence my headline. Well done Lenin, if only you were consistent about removing platforms from neo-nazi types but I understand the tribal loyalty thing too. But why is David Toube still using the "David t" persona? Has HP acknowledged that their man has been exposed? I think we should be told before they start getting public funding.

And finally, I know this has been a garbled post but it's late and there have been all sorts of visitors and drinks going on. To recap, this David t is actually a finance lawyer called David Toube. From google it would appear that not a lot of people know that. He acts stupid for the same reason that he calls himself "David t". It's so that no one would guess that he is actually a top hole finance lawyer with qualifications as long as your arm. But doesn't this just go to show the sheer ideological fanaticism that zionism commands? He has been quite successful on the net but only his nearest and dearest know who he is. All those plaudits for Harry's Place and its main man is too busy skulking in the shadows to enjoy them. And all for the sake of a racist war criminal project and its side shows like the Iraq war or maybe the Iran war, who knows?

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