January 05, 2008

Israel breaks promise, shock!

It's not really a shock, is it? What is a surprise is that Israel has admitted failing to honour its commitments. Here's al Jazeera with Olmert's refreshing openness:
Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, called continued Israeli construction in West Bank settlements a breach of Israel's obligations under a peace plan revived in the US city of Annapolis last year.

Olmert's remarks, which appeared in an interview with the Jerusalem Post newspaper on Friday, came days before George Bush, the US president, arrives in the region.

Olmert acknowledged that Israel was not honouring its commitments.

He said: "There is a certain contradiction in this between what we are actually seeing and what we ourselves promised."

"Obligations are not only to be demanded of others, but they must also be honored by ourselves. So there is a certain problem here."
Are the settlements building themselves?

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